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At Canyon Springs, we endeavor for everyone to Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World.


This is our mission and process for making disciples, bringing them towards maturity in Christ.

It is our desire to move everyone in Canyon Springs into a discipleship process that will continue throughout their life.  In so doing, we believe that they will perpetually grow in an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ and others in the family of God.

DISCIPLE - A disciple is committed to the Lordship of Christ. They are following Jesus. A disciple is one who is being conformed into the likeness of Christ. Jesus is making them into one who looks like Himself.  A disciple is one who is committed to the mission of Christ. They are fishers of men. Matthew 4:19 (NIV) 19“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

LOVE GOD – An all-consuming, fulfilling relationship with our Creator that radiates from an overwhelming appreciation of His love that is seen, expressed and felt.  Matthew 22:37-39

LOVE OTHERS – Living in relationship with our Creator by valuing, accepting, and engaging others unselfishly as He did.  John 13:34-35

SERVE THE WORLD - Communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others through selfless acts of service.  Matthew 5:16

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